What Does A Court Reporter Do?

A court reporter plays a pivotal role in the documenting of depositions, hearings, and various other courtroom proceedings. Court reporters, also known as stenographers, use stenotype machines to provide a record that will be used for the transcript. These stenotype machines are unlike common keyboards and allow reporters to phonetically type multiple letters per stroke, resulting in maximum efficiency in the courtroom. Stenotype machines are equipped with word processing capabilities that have the ability to translate each reporter’s shorthand language into the written English language… Read full post

What Should I Wear To My Deposition?

Projecting Professionalism Is Important During A Deposition: Dress Accordingly Depositions can be stressful, and the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether you are wearing the right clothing. Capital Reporting Company handles many, many depositions each and every day, and our goal in this article is to give you some sense as to what we observe from witnesses in depositions. For starters, let’s break things down into two categories: conventional depositions and video depositions. In a conventional deposition, the only evidence of… Read full post