Court Reporting Machines: How Do They Work?

Jill Cohen Court Reporting Machines: How Do They Work? In English a person can speak at a rate of 180 to 200 words per minute. Try to listen to a person speaking at that rate and typing their words on a conventional QWERTY keyboard. Even if you are a master typist, at best you may be able to type 80 words per minute. Enter the stenotype, a technological wonder that Washington DC court reporters like the ones at Capital Reporting Company have been using for… Read full post

Why Are Court Reporters Necessary?

Jill Cohen In the 21st century, there are mountains of choices in hardware and software that can record and even transcribe the human voice. Why, then, you may ask, are court reporters still so essential to the legal process? For one, voice recording and recognition technology are nowhere near capable of detecting the subtle nuances of human speech. How many times have you spoken a command to your smartphone, only to have it completely misinterpret what you’ve said? The human ear, or more accurately, the human… Read full post