The ILCRA & our Chicago Court Reporters

The ILCRA Certification & Chicago Court Reporting Companies When it comes to our Chicago court reporters, Capital Reporting Company aims for the highest standards. With that in mind, we look to governing bodies like the Illinois Court Reporters Association (ILCRA), to help us recruit the high quality court reporters for your Chicago depositions. What is ILCRA? ILCRA is a board made up of 17 committees,which oversees the standards of court reporting and the relations between shorthand reporter agencies– like our Chicago court reporting company– and… Read full post

Court Reporters Board of California

Court Reporters Board of California There are a lot of factors that aid Capital Reporting Company in providing quality court reporting and deposition services in San Francisco, CA. Not the least of these is the governing board that allows our court reporters in San Francisco CA– and all over the state of California– to practice. Founded in 1951,this board, known as the Court Reporters Board of California, authorizes court reporting school curricula and administers qualifying exams. Its aim is to protect clients and ensure that… Read full post