Court Reporting Meets The Film Industry

Court Reporting Meets The Film Industry: News from our San Francisco Court Reporting Company With decades of experience in the court reporting industry, our San Francisco court reporting company is very excited to hear about an upcoming film, For the Record.This documentary about court reporting has had three packed screenings at the South by Southwest festival, and many other private screenings around the country. Director and producer Marc Greenberg has decades of experience in the film and court reporting industry, and is marrying his two… Read full post

How Accurate Should A Court Transcript Be?

Expert Court Reporting: Accuracy We’ve talked at length about what it takes to become a top court reporter. While Capital Reporting Company offers high quality, comprehensive court reporting services across the board, there are two foundational qualities that we always maintain: speed and accuracy. You may have read on previous blog posts that our court reporters transcribe a minimum of 225 words per minute. This is the requirement set forth by the National Court Reporting Association. What’s more is that Capital Reporting Company’s court reporters… Read full post